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AbeilleB - Informatique et réseaux - Glossaire

Dictionnaire des mots techniques

Application : Set of programs that have partnered to offer additional functions. The software WORD is an application WORD which is a text editor that can change the layout, change fonts, insert images, showing a preview print and send the result by email or to the printer.
Bit : Basic information worth either 0 or 1. All information entering or leaving a computer is encoded in bits. It is also the transport unit of information between smart machines.
CD or CD-ROM = It is a plastic disc with a metal surface printed in factory. It contains computer data as files,programs, images. It can hold 650 MB to 700 MB
Disk ou Hard Disk(vs. Diskette or floppy) is the storage medium used in most computers.
The bits making up the bytes are stored magnetically on a hard metal disk.
Document: We refer to document computer when the file is the result of a text editor.
DVD = is an evolution of the CD. It can hold 4.3 GB to 4.7 GB
DVD Blue Ray = is the latest evolution of the CD. It is a blue laser that reads the information on both surfaces. Bringing the storage to 11 GB
Extension (of a file) = Hide files by name a point followed by three letters. These three letters s'appelent extension and use the system computer to recognize the file type and what application it will start to see the file's contents. The most common extensions are:
exe, bin, dll, bat it is the processor that supports directly to Word doc, xls for Excel, ppt for PowerPoint, Notepad for txt, bmp Paint jpg for imaging programs, pdf for Acrobat Reader, and many others.
File: A computer file is the basic unit of storage at the user level.It is characterized by its name. It hides an extension and protection attributs. It can be associated with an application due to its extension. The files are stored in a folder.
Giga-octet: it became the new elementary unit of storage. It is 1000 x 1000 x 1000 bytes when the storage is permanentHard drive, flexible, CD or DVD. It is 1024 x 1024 x 1024 bytes when the storage is in a bit-addressable as memory.
Internet: It is a global network that connects computers together to facilitate communication.
Image(sense 1): a file containing a photo from a digital camera or from a scanner or a drawing made with an imaging application.
Image(sense 2): This is a faithful copy of a file or a DVD or set of files or a hard disk.
E-mail: is the short name of the electronic mail. In France purists talk about "Mel".
Octet: Group of 8 bits. This is the basic unit of storage. There is talk of kilobytes or KB of megabytes or MB, or GB gigabytes and even terabytes, or TB
Processor (or Micro-processor): A processor is the main component of any device called "intelligent" such as a computera mobile phone, game console, etc ... that can run programs.
Program: A program is a set of instructions (orders) to be executed by the processor.
RAM or random: It is directly accessible by the processor that can access and write information by providing an address.
ROM ou PROM ou EPROM ou EEPROM: These are all memories. They contain small programs that serve to indelibly startCalled intelligent machines. You can not write to it directly and the processor must copy the instructions in RAM before executing them. This is what is called the firmware.
Internet Site: It is a set of files and programs hosted by a server or a simply pc permanently connected on the Internet. It shows a set of information about one or more topics.
SMS: Little message in text format that is sent by mobile phone.
Virus (IT): This is a small program that runs on your computer without your knowledge, your mobile phone potentially on any smart system with a microprocessor.