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Abeille B - Repair of IT systems, network and telecom
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AbeilleB IT and networks service AbeilleB IT and networks service AbeilleB IT and networks service
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AbeilleB - IT and networks - Services

Call-outs and repairs to all IT equipment:
Your equipment (PC, printer, TV) has broken down. We diagnose the problem in the equipment or software. We send you a quote before carrying out any work. And, with your agreement, we intervene to fix the problem. (see section on our rates).
All our repairs are subject to a detailed report on the work carried out, which will be sent to you along with your repaired equipment.

IT solutions study:
You want to develop your IT system, but you don’t know where to start to improve it, nor what budget to allow.
-> Don’t hesitate to ask our advice. Careful consideration will have great and visible benefits when it comes to your next investments.

Remote technical support for your computer...
First of all, please fill in our form so that you are aware of our conditions, and so that we can agree on a convenient time for this service.
You can send a message using the form.
(We can phone you back, if you wish, on a number provided by you.)

By means of distance learning, you can benefit from training in the subject of your choice. Send us a list of your training requirements and you will receive a detailed quote by return. Once you have accepted all or part of the quote, we will set up a number of planned sessions. Your training will include personalized support, with questions and answers.