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AbeilleB IT and networks service AbeilleB IT and networks service AbeilleB IT and networks service
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IT Support :

Amongst the IT questions that we get asked most often, here is a selection to which we can provide answers most quickly:
Your PC has got slow…adverts arrive endlessly…perhaps this is due to a virus infecting your PC…
You want to be sure that your correspondants can read the attached files that you send them, such as documents, photos…etc…
You want to send large files or lots of photos by e-mail. Be careful! Your Internet subscription, or your correspondant’s, probably doesn’t allow you to exceed a total size of 10 Mo.
You are about to buy a laptop or office computer, change your printer, change your Internet subscription,…call us.
Is the performance of my present PC still adequate?
I am finding my Internet connection slow.
Which Internet subscription should I choose?
Is there a virus in my PC?
I can’t make my printer work any more.
My computer is switched on, but the screen is black.
My Internet telephone connection doesn’t work any more.
How do I create an Internet site or a blog for myself?
I want to send photos or a film to my family or my friends. What do I need to do?
I have a PC but I don’t really know how to use it. Where do I start?
I no longer have an Internet connection. Who should I call?
I have a “Box” with Wifi but I don’t get very good reception in certain zones, and the display speed is slower. What equipment should I add on or replace?
Which software is the most reliable? Is there any completely free software, without viruses, without adverts…?
Where can I download software?