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AbeilleB IT and networks service AbeilleB IT and networks service AbeilleB IT and networks service
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AbeilleB - IT and networks - Rates

Rates applicable from 1st July 2010
Rates quoted are “before tax”, since they are VAT-exempt.

Our rates, priced per unit, are billed after work has been successfully carried out. Any payments made, without our achieving results, are reimbursed, less call-out charges and less any costs of equipment or consumables supplied. Bigger operations are billed according to the quote, and within a week. Remote call-outs can be made using any means of communication: phone, Skype, MSN, remote testing software, remote office, e-mail, chat,..according to the problem encountered. A remote testing server is at your disposal, to start up a remote test session. For this service, you need to use the form.

You can send your piece of equipment for repair via recorded or insured delivery. The return delivery costs will be billed to you.

Bills will always be written in French. The report of work carried out, and the accompanying letter, can be translated into English if you wish.

Here are some examples of our current rates:

Computer repair 20€
System cleaning (virus) 15€
Installing a piece of equipment 15€
Complete reinstallation of a system 25€
Call-out within a 5km radius 4€
Call-out within a 10 km radius 8€

Prices of equipment are very volatile. They fluctuate from day to day, according to circumstances, see our price statement.